Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Traffic parrot is watching you.
I get my inspiration from the strangest of places...this post-it parrot came about from watching someone's left blinker/tail-light winking at me in traffic this morning. Lately I've been looking at everyday objects a bit differently, especially at cars (when you've got a limited view and you're stuck in traffic, well...yeah). Sometimes I sketch the backs of cars, with their funky shaped (and very often, eye-shaped) taillights and rear ends. Amazing how human beings just like to put faces on things...ALL the things.

I can't imagine how we'd react if we actually saw aliens that were humanoid in appearance. Oh, wait. Spiders. (BURN EVERYTHING). Giant Squid. (sucker on this harpoon, beaky!)

On InterGalactic News at Star Rotation New Kid on the block, Earth, decimated when they attempted to destroy visiting $#$#$#$# (language unknown) dignitaries.

Yeah, my brain goes to weird places.