Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Up In Yo Ashes, Risin'

Yeah, I've been "enhanced". I heard all the Hollywood peeps are doing it these days.

Original recipe, bitches!
So the Phoenix has always had a special place in my heart. I've fallen so many times, only to rise back up and stumble onward down my path, whatever that may be. So I've been thinking about logos for stuff (eventually I'd like to make my own t-shirts), and this image is something that comes to mind. Or pen and paper. Both. anyway, Phoenix sketch, because anything that rises out of flames like a boss deserves tribute.

Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Kamala Khan, Rockin' It

I've been a bit busy (and lazy) and honestly haven't done anything post-it note wise I've been happy with...but having finished reading Marvel's Ms. Marvel series, I was inspired to at least sketch something. And I honestly need a lot more practice with doing females, so I present today's post-it note sketch.

The giant hand of Jersey City says, KAPOW 

If you haven't read the series and need something new to check out, I'd highly recommend it. Was it somewhat familiar with a teenager trying to find their place? Yes. But that's not a bad thing, especially when it's the POV of a teen-aged girl in our crazy American modern society. A muslim teen-aged girl, with both parents still intact. This isn't an introduction to a hero who takes up the mantle because of a major trauma (parents are still alive, and so are her friends). This is someone who wants to make a difference in the best way she can. I'm down with that. Even if she is from Jersey (yes, I'm a New Yorker, born and transplanted elsewhere against my will).

Wednesday, December 17, 2014

You mean I can't just teleport to work?

This is the second version of LSP I worked on (in as many days), as the first had the black ink all smudged when I colored with the pink highlighter after I inked. This way worked much better, and was actually fun to pull off. I'm tempted to throw a Finn in there somewhere, since I have the right colored highlighters for his cothing/backpack (no purple, hence the pink LSP).

Gah, it's been getting harder and harder to get out of bed these days. I finally got up early enough to ride my van pool this morning, and was able to take a short (much needed) nap. Oh well...back to the daily grind!

Happy hump day, folks!

Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Stork ain't got nothin' on flower delivery

Jotting down ideas for later...fairy infant born in a flower, acorn cap and leaf swaddler. I've been somewhat (very little) working on illustrating a story a friend wrote for the birth of my daughter. I keep getting images, vignettes, of the pages in my head, so I try my best to either sketch em out, or at least write down the notes. It seems I have less time for myself these days, but then family and work tend to come first.

So Sunday I turned another full year older. I remember thinking 20 years back that I'd never make it to 37, and yet here I am. 10 years ago I still thought I'd never had kids, or be married. And now I'm the father of 2, and have been wedded to my wife for 4 years now. I can only hope that as I grow older I learned to forgive myself more, to let go of past regrets that keep rearing their bitter heads, and be better than who I was the day before.

Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Magic Hands!

Quick and dirty (<5 min sketch) of Dr. Strange for a fan art Friday thing on a Google+ community I'm in. I actually have another sketch as well that I did first, but I wasn't too happy with it. Not happy with this one either, but I get that I'm learning, and hopefully, improving.

So...Cumberbatch as Strange? Eh. I actually really dug Joaquin Phoenix as the master of the mystic arts, but senior Cumby is a rising star these days. I just hope Marvel chooses the right one for the role, but so far they've been pretty spot on with their casting (film-wise, anyway). Trust the, House of Ideas. Truuuuusssssssssst

Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Traffic parrot is watching you.
I get my inspiration from the strangest of places...this post-it parrot came about from watching someone's left blinker/tail-light winking at me in traffic this morning. Lately I've been looking at everyday objects a bit differently, especially at cars (when you've got a limited view and you're stuck in traffic, well...yeah). Sometimes I sketch the backs of cars, with their funky shaped (and very often, eye-shaped) taillights and rear ends. Amazing how human beings just like to put faces on things...ALL the things.

I can't imagine how we'd react if we actually saw aliens that were humanoid in appearance. Oh, wait. Spiders. (BURN EVERYTHING). Giant Squid. (sucker on this harpoon, beaky!)

On InterGalactic News at Star Rotation New Kid on the block, Earth, decimated when they attempted to destroy visiting $#$#$#$# (language unknown) dignitaries.

Yeah, my brain goes to weird places.

Thursday, October 30, 2014

I'm having an...identity crisis

Demon...orc. Eh, bit of randomness for #inktober. Horns keep showing up in my brain for some reason (yes, I read the book). Between the film coming out, Angelina Jolie's spectacular rack (the horns, you pervs) in Maleficent...minotaurs for some reason. (wait, what?)

Yeah, my brain does weird associations. But then who's doesn't, amirite?!